Does Perfectionism Contribute To Your Depression?

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There’s nothing wrong with striving for an ideal. However, if you’re never satisfied with the outcome of the events or plans in your life, it may mean that you have a touch of perfectionism. One of the problems with perfectionism … Continued

Counselling in Kildare – 5 Star

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Kildare Psychotherapy & Counselling has received yet another 5 star review on the independent website This means Kildare Psychotherapy & Counselling is ranked as “Outstanding” with 100% positive feedback. Here is the latest review for “Stress management & depression … Continued

5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Depressed

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It’s challenging for the lay public to understand that depression isn’t due to moral failure, weakness, or lack of willpower. To be helpful to loved ones who struggle with episodes of depression, avoid these 5 comments: 1. “Why don’t you just do something to get … Continued

Crying, Depression and Being a Man

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Depression in Men Society has the backward notion that men aren’t supposed to cry, even when depressed. Sure, men get a pass at their daughter’s wedding or the funeral of a loved one, but even then we are expected to … Continued

How to Be Gentle with Your Depression

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Is it what we pay attention to in life that makes us depressed? Is that why we relapse? A new study from Binghamton University found that participants with a history of depression were more likely to have a recurrence of … Continued