5 Things to Know About Verbal Abuse

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Verbal Abuse The mantra seems to be that if you’re not bleeding or physically maimed, you’re not really hurt. Nothing could be further from the truth. Science knows better, but the culture does not. Why is it that, as a culture, … Continued

Addiction Potential in Adult Children of Alcoholics

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The fallout of drug and alcohol addiction in the family can carry on for a lifetime. If either or both of your parents (or your spouse’s parents) used, the odds are that you (or your spouse) will too. Why? Because … Continued

Kids More Stressed Than Parents Think

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A WebMD study of stress in parents and children suggests many parents may not notice signs of stress in their children. When parents do recognize their children’s stress, they often misattribute the stress to schoolwork challenges, even when the cause of the stress … Continued

Does Parenting Make People Unhappy?

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Many parents will readily admit that parenting is the most challenging job they have ever had. According to a new study published in Demography, becoming a parent may make people less happy, and that unhappiness can cause parents to avoid … Continued

Have Your Parents Affected You As An Adult?

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Of the endless number of psychological factors that can plague a person throughout his life, I think there’s none more powerful than The Gaslight. The term “gaslight treatment” was coined by a classic 1944 movie starring Ingrid Bergman. In it, … Continued

The Importance of Fathers

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As recently as as the 1970s, psychologists and parenting experts had a ready answer to the question of how much fathers contributed to children’s development: Not much. Admittedly, science journalist Paul Raeburn writes in his new book, Do Fathers Matter?, … Continued